1-parallel-effectloop-switch.png 2-parallel-effectloop-switch-balanced-signals.png 3-parallel-mix-switch.png 4-parallel-switch-balanced-out.png
01-Gold-RS.jpg Gold-plated Relays & Switches
The signal from the pickups of an electric guitar or bass is so weak that poor-quality cables, cold joints and cheap contact materials ruin your sound. Switch contacts need to be made of special materials to permit loss-free switching of these low-level signals. All Lehle switchers feature special relays and slide switches with gold-plated contacts for totally reliable, absolutely zero-loss switching.
05-Gain.jpg Adjustable Gain
Adjustment of volume or distortion using a gain controller is a vital feature in many situations. The gain controllers on the corresponding Lehle products feature black anodized aluminium knobs set back into the housing so that they can be easily fingertip rotated but keep their settings during performances and transportation.
06-Stereo.jpg Stereo
Many effects units feature stereo outputs. Or: instruments frequently have two pickup systems, e.g. a combination of conventional magnetic and Piezo types, to emulate an acoustic sound. Lehle accessories are ideal for trouble-free routing of such dual-channel stereo signals. All stereo-capable Lehle products are, of course, also suitable for mono operation.
07-30V.jpg Voltage Internally Boosted to 30V
To exploit the dynamics of tube amplifiers to the full, the input voltage of Lehle products bearing this symbol is rectified from the power supply socket, then filtered, stabilized and boosted to 30V.
07-mono-to-stereo-switch.jpg Mono-to-stereo-switch
Integrate an effects pedal with a mono input and stereo output into the signal path.
25-colourkeyboard.jpg New color palette
All products bearing this symbol feature an individual colour combination of Le Corbusier’s colour keyboards.
This selection underlines the function of the respective product, with a pleasingly non-glossy haptic.